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Striving for happiness, peace, and fulfillment in a chaotic world

So much has changed since the last time I posted here. It’s been less than three weeks, yet it feels like months have gone by. In seemingly the blink of an eye, the whole world is now in crisis. Many of us are mostly confined to our homes and when we do venture out, we’re shrouded by anxiety about an invisible enemy that can potentially strike us all. So much is unknown at the moment and it’s difficult for any of us to predict what may happen in the coming days, weeks, and months. Most of us have never lived through a crisis of this magnitude, and our lives have already been affected in profound ways and our perspectives have shifted immensely.

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be writing about my “enough” theme for 2020.  That’s what I’ll be doing today, albeit not in the way that I originally planned. I’ll table those thoughts for a later date, as I have something different to say now. I want to reflect upon a few insights that I’ve gained about “enough” over the past couple of weeks.

enough in a time of chaos

We’re looking at a very different and uncertain world these days… 

“Enough” has taken on a new meaning in this time of chaos and uncertainty in which we find ourselves. This post is divided into several sections about “enough” related to the coronavirus pandemic. I’m not going to focus on the macro, as there are many others better qualified than I am to cover those topics. Instead, I’ll look at how “enough” has impacted my life and how it may also apply to you during these challenging times.

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Yes, it’s another wardrobe-related post! I seem to go in waves in terms of the types of essays I write for this blog… If you like the wardrobe posts, you’re in luck. If you instead prefer my articles on other topics, stay tuned, as I have a few of those in mind to do soon. It’s just that as I worked out my wardrobe, shopping, and style goals for 2020 and am also nearing the end of my wardrobe “half project,” I’ve been spending more time contemplating the contents of my closet and what I am – and am not – wearing.

In today’s post, I decided to revisit a topic that I wrote about on Recovering Shopaholic back in 2015. Back then, I shared statistics, photos, and information about the pieces that had been in my closet the longest. I also looked at the characteristics that those items had in common and revealed some lessons to carry forward from having examined my longtime wardrobe favorites.

closet oldies but goodies

What items have been in your closet the longest – and what do they have in common?

Below is a 2020 update on that classic post. As with the 2015 version, I’m only including the garments, shoes, and purses that have been in my closet for a long time. Although I have many jewelry pieces and accessories that have also been around for a number of years, I don’t have purchase dates and photos for many of those items. Therefore, I’m leaving them out and just concentrating on the clothes (my “problem area” in terms of overbuying), shoes, and purses that I own.

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In my last post, I reflected back on the capsule wardrobe challenge that I did in late 2018 and was pleased to learn that many of my capsule pieces remain in my wardrobe today. I also recapped my 2019 wardrobe goals and summarized how I did in fulfilling upon them (it was a “mixed bag”…).

Today, I’m going to share my 2020 wardrobe, shopping, and style goals. These goals are more in-depth than the ones I took on last year, which basically amounted to a single intention (reduce closet churn – I didn’t do so well with that) and a shopping list for priority items to buy (I bought two thirds of them). Some of the goals I highlight today are also part of my “20 for 2020” list, but I’m including them here as well so that all of my wardrobe-related goals for the year are in one place. I also want to expand upon those goals a bit here and provide additional information and clarification. Additionally, I include my style focus words for the year and my 2020 shopping priorities list.

2020 wardrobe, shopping, and style goals

It can be helpful to set yearly goals related to your wardrobe, shopping, and style. 

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Just about a year ago, I debriefed my fall 2018 capsule wardrobe challenge and shared my wardrobe goals for 2019. Today’s post was originally going to be solely focused on reviewing my 2019 wardrobe, shopping, and style goals in preparation for my 2020 goals in those areas. But after I reviewed my January 31, 2019 post, I thought that it would be helpful – and hopefully interesting to you – to reflect upon the state of my wardrobe a year following my last capsule wardrobe challenge.

Why am I doing this? Well, I’m still trying to reduce the size of my wardrobe by half, so I think it would be beneficial for me to better understand what pieces in my closet have stood the test of time. Anything that is still being worn regularly over a year later is definitely a “keeper.” Also, since my fall 2018 challenge straddled both the warm and cool seasons where I live, most of my favorite wardrobe pieces were likely included in my “out and about” and at-home capsules at some point (I allowed myself the opportunity to swap out items as the weather shifted to cooler temperatures). This fact will enable me to see what colors, styles, and silhouettes should be in the smaller wardrobe that I plan to carry forward in 2020 and beyond.

capsule wardrobe challenge update

Taking on a capsule wardrobe challenge can teach us a lot about our wardrobe and our style.

In today’s post, I’ll let you in on what I still have today, what has been passed on, and how I utilized the key lessons that I learned from that challenge. I’ll finish this review by reflecting on how I did with my 2019 wardrobe goals. In my next post, I’ll move on to my style focus and goals for this year, including what I’d like to buy – and not buy – and what I’d like my wardrobe to look like at year’s end.

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The New Year and the new decade are now well under way! I like to start each year with a few posts that are focused on what I want to create for myself over the course of the upcoming twelve months. I started a bit early this time when I introduced my 2020 theme, “enough,” on the final day of 2019. Today, I’d like to share a helpful practice that I started last year but didn’t write about on the blog. I decided to share it this year because you might also want to give it a try, plus the accountability of writing about it on the blog may help me to be more successful.

Happiness writer and podcaster Gretchen Rubin and her sister/podcast cohost Elizabeth Craft come up with a series of goals each year, the number of which corresponds with the current year. Last year, it was “19 for 2019,” and this year, it’s “20 for 2020.” The goals can be big or small and can be related to any area of life: health, relationships, work, creativity, home, finances, etc. Some people have opted to incorporate the number 20 into the items on their lists, such as doing 20 things for themselves and 20 things for other people, doing 20 things that include the number 20, or working on a challenging item for 20 minutes per day.

20 for 2020 list

I created a list of 20 goals that I would like to accomplish this year. 

You can see Gretchen’s and Elizabeth’s lists, as well as some additional suggestions for creating your own list, on the show notes page for their January 8th podcast, when their “20 for 2020” lists were revealed. For the first time since starting this yearly exercise, Gretchen opted to divide her list into categories, while Elizabeth simply listed out her items in no particular order. If you want to find out why they chose the items on their lists, I recommend that you listen to the podcast (episode #255, around 49 minutes long).

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