Full Life Reflections

Striving for happiness, peace, and fulfillment in a chaotic world

About “Full Life Reflections”

This is a blog about life, specifically about living a fulfilling life: what that means, and the internal and external factors that often stand in the way of our experiencing the happiness and peace we want to feel. It will be about my experiences, questions, and insights, but I don’t want it to only be about my individual journey. Ultimately, I would like my posts to be the start of a dialogue among readers and for this site to be a safe place where we can all reflect upon what matters most to us and how to get there. While I have a lot of ideas for what I will write about here, I expect “Full Life Reflections” to evolve as a result of the comments and feedback I receive from readers.

Those of you who were readers of my previous blog, “Recovering Shopaholic,” will likely find that this blog picks up where the last one left off. The tagline for that site was “Trade Your Full Closet for a Full Life.” Over the four years of writing posts there, I focused primarily on the first part of the equation, the full closet. The majority of my writing was on the topics of wardrobe management, conscious and responsible shopping, and personal style. As I explored these subjects and worked through various wardrobe and style experiments, I was able to significantly downsize my closet and streamline the way I shop and dress. Although I still consider myself a recovering shopaholic and continue to experience some challenges with my shopping and wardrobe, I’m confident that my decision to press the pause button on that blog in February 2017 was the right one. But I found that I missed blogging and still feel I have things to say and a lot more growth to do in terms of living a full and fulfilled life, so I came back with this new blog.

You don’t need to have read my previous blog or struggle with compulsive shopping – or any type of compulsion or addiction – to benefit from “Full Life Reflections.” While I still write about wardrobe challenges from time to time, the majority of my posts delve into all sorts of other life topics:  intentional living, life balance, relationships, productivity, health, self-care, success, aging, hobbies and interests, and much more. I also periodically embark upon personal experiments in the realms of life, health, and wardrobe and write about my experiences.

I’m glad you’re here – welcome! I hope you will enjoy “Full Life Reflections.” If you have questions or topic ideas for me, or would just like to say hi, feel free to contact me. Because I’ve found that social media cultivates anxiety in me, I won’t be very active there, although I have posted some of my photos on Instagram. While some have said that “blogging is dead” or at least on its way out, it’s still the medium that I’m most comfortable with, so I’m going to keep on going with it and hope that I continue to find a committed audience online.  If my reflections can help to shift even one person’s life, it is well worth my while to share them!

About the Author

Debbie Roes

Hi, I’m Debbie Roes, the author of this blog. Here’s a bit of information about me… I have been a personal development blogger since 2010 and this is my fifth blog!  My last blog, “Recovering Shopaholic,” focused on my journey to overcome a decades-long compulsive shopping problem, downsize my wardrobe, shop more responsibly, and inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Over the course of its four-year span, “Recovering Shopaholic” gained a relatively wide following and I was interviewed by multiple media outlets to share my story and advice. I also published two books that summarized the key strategies I’ve learned over the years for smart shopping and sound wardrobe management. I have been praised by many of my readers for my open and honest writing style and I am continuing that approach here.

I have been fascinated by human nature and behavior since my teens. I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and am a Certified Professional Coach. In my work as a coach, I helped clients with such diverse issues as weight loss, career transition, dating and relationships, and business growth. For several years, I ran a wardrobe consulting business in which I helped women increase their confidence and improve their body image through defining and enhancing their personal style. My services included closet audits, personal shopping, event styling, and “shop your closet” outfit creation sessions.

I also worked in the high-tech industry for a number of years as a program manager, writer, editor, and web designer/developer and have done freelance writing and editing work in recent years. I was an active member of Toastmasters International for seven years and held many leadership roles within that organization. Over the years, I have presented speeches to multiple corporations and associations on personal and professional growth topics, including stress management, managing change, goal-setting, weight loss, and time management.

I live with my wonderful husband of eighteen years, Mike, and our two adorable cats in San Diego, California. My hobbies and interests include movies, reading, walking by the water, bird watching, photography, attending classes and workshops, cooking and baking, dining out, learning new technology, and exploring new areas. I still love shopping and clothes but am gradually learning to put these things into their proper place in my life while also cultivating new interests and passions (which is one of the focuses of this blog!).